Software and hardware complex for the organization of road safety

Geographic information system

  • Displaying the actualization of traffic safety elements on the map:
  • Cameras, photo-video recording with analytics
  • Data on road traffic accidents and dangerous areas on the road with an accurate reference
  • Road sections by road safety level

The digital counterpart of the road

  • Creating a video sequence of the road
  • Recognition of a video sequence
  • Detection of road elements
  • Fixing the result of road works

Road safety assessment

  • Evaluation of the efficiency of photo-video recording systems
  • Assessment of each kilometer of the route according to the road safety level


Forecast by road and area:

  • Date of completion of road safety objectives
  • Road safety level for a specific date


  • Identification of dangerous road sections
  • Analysis of road accidents causes
  • Road safety activities database


Recommendations for each road section

  • Measures to improve road safety
  • Measures to improve the efficiency of the photo-video recording system
  • Accounting and analytics of all available data related to road safety
  • Infrastructure impact assessment on road safety and recommendations for change
  • Assessment of 100% of the road for safety, broken down into sections by safety level. Recommendations for increasing road safety
  • Compilation of a list of emergency sections, taking into account the characteristics of each road
  • Regular monitoring of changes in road safety infrastructure