Joint communication node

MNP support

Template support

Personal account

Queue management

Customizable logic, etc.



  • Unified interface for sending messages to users
  • Various message delivery services (operators, aggregators, social networks)
  • Bandwidth control of delivery channels
  • Cascade delivery scheme (processing of delivery services according to conditions)
  • Checking against the base of port numbers (MNP)
  • Templates (checking messages for compliance with templates, composing messages according to user templates)
  • Priorities (priority message management, delivery first)
  • Delivery queues (customizable logic for handling queued messages)
  • Black / white lists (filters by sender / recipient numbers, by message text)
  • End user connection options (smpp, http)
  • Delivery of messages as a service (web-interface for end users)
  • The current solution has been tested to deliver over 1.5 million messages per day